Wishcard is the only thing that you will have in your pocket in the future. This unique card contains an identity card with photographic identification valid to travel abroad, driver's licenses , credit card numbers , debit or prepaid card , NFC technology and digital signature. On the back side is printed the social security number and there is a barcode that will  allow us to book medical examinations, to validate plane, bus or metro tickets and also to collect points on our "fidelity card section". Moreover, on the back side, there are the optical band and the usb memory which may hold thousands of documents such as receipts, invoices, prescriptions, medical records, and much more. The chip is normally used just  for banking authentication, but also it contains the pin code to access to the usb memory, and the user’s biometric fingerprint and iris in order to make absolutely recognizable the card holder and then prevent every attempt of falsification of identity.

With the purposes of keep the safety, within “Wishcard” there is a “transponder antenna” capable to identify the person when approaching to the electronic security gates. (for example  into airports, stadiums, railways)

“Wishcard” arises from the need to enclose a multitude of functions into a single card which is willing to be the landmark in everybody’s life. Nowadays we are used to carry so many items such as debit and credit cards, ID card, social security number, health card, driver's license, bus and metro pass, fidelity cards, as well as every kind of receipt. Due to the fact that we have to deal with these bulky and sometimes useless items, why the technology does not provide a single product with multiple functions?

After being annoyed by this growing quantity of obsolete complications, Luca Buriani decided to give an answer to this question by creating a "One Card”. He drew a sketch that encloses all of the features of his cards, and he decided to pick up the main traits of each, studying carefully the best proportions and colors. In addition to the classic chip,  the insertion of the usb memory that may hold a huge amount of data is the peculiar innovation  of this electronic card.

Once the final image of this revolutionary idea has been established, the time to patent the "Wishcard" is arrived.

Always first and foremost is the protection of the sensible data enclosed into the “Wishcard”.

The perfect protection of all the data within the card is given through the alphanumeric codes of advanced encryption to billions of combinations and the simultaneous presence of several identification technologies.  For this reason, any type of cloning is impossible.

At any time and easily at home will be possible to download and do a backup of all the documents inside the card just through the identification codes or with our fingerprints.

“Wishcard” is the symbol of simplicity, integration and technological innovation for everybody. Distributed on a national and international level, it is the only extremely useful item that will become the only possible solution to the multitude of objects that we are forced to carry with us in everyday’s life.

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