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The manager of the Ideas4Life Luca Buriani in a new interview on Istapro!.

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Here the final considerations of the interview to the owner of Ideas4Life Luca Buriani on the web blog www.prontopro.it:

"Luca has highlighted a necessary appreciation of their professionalism, building a figure more and more technical and projected towards the new requirements. An increase in the demand for more and more automated systems, we propel us towards a future increasingly smart. Our dwellings, always more than just a smartphone, nowadays can not help but companies like Ideas4life. "

Read the entire interview at this link: https://www.prontopro.it/blog/uno-specialista-indispensabile-elettricista-2-0/



Ideas, designs, patterns of plants, estimates, projects, test operation, completion of work, maintenance, renovations, additions. The world will be more and more electric, more and more electronic, not thinking about your electrical installation as a something that will always be so, performed by an expert of IDEAS4LIFE to grow your ideas and make them ready for the demands of the future.

Cashback Merchant Lyoness

Cashback & Shopping Points

The decades of experience gained in both the residential and industrial construction of plants makes IDEAS4LIFE the benchmark for installation in private homes or public places, as well as for equipment intended for industrial, craft and trade. Both residential and industrial plants that is IDEAS4LIFE are electrical, air-conditioning, home automation and home control, audio-video and home theater, lighting, intrusion and video surveillance.

Turn the oven directly from your smart phone, close the blinds, turn on the audio-video system and illuminates the house with soft light while you're hundreds of kilometers away from home.

DIspalys our type of Works.


We take care to create both residential and industrial, and provide services for the maintenance and proper functioning of the same over time.

Operating systems "lifesaving"

Periodic monitoring of the operation of the plant life-saving, emergency, grounding.

Maintenance of air conditioning system

Control gas cooling, cleaning internal filters and external unit, construction or renovation booklet with computerized registration system.

Maintenance of home automation

Control opening-closing the blinds, control opening-round closing awnings from sun, automatic opening-closing control of input ports.

Control systems from external audio

Control by external stereo speakers subject to severe weather conditions.

Control lighting installations

Check and replace worn lamps in both private and public facilities, proposed an alternative to LED.

Control system intrusion and video surveillance

Controlling the flow of acquisition and backup videos, check photocells operation and / or occupancy sensors, bells and warning systems through wired telephone line or GSM. Replacement batteries.


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